“Painting itself is an act of meditation. A chance to transform the suffering of my own human experience, of others I have witnessed, and of the world into something of light. The act of painting is how I find peace amidst it all, a way of coming into the perfection of pure awareness. Devoid of ego, I remember that we are all connected.”
Emerald Rose Whipple


Emerald Rose Whipple is a visual artist best known for her paintings of wayward and pensive adolescents that document the coming-of-age transition between the innocence of childhood and the self-discovery of adulthood. The work simultaneously explores the origins of youth and the light within the soul. Referencing the late 19th century Impressionism and the old masters, Whipple captures in paint the ephemeral photographic images. The digital surface of photography, ubiquitous in today's everyday life, is made timeless in paint. While her pieces are a product of contemporary social media and popular culture, the resulting impression is universal and candid. Whipple approaches pointillism as a symbol of the illusion of separateness. When examined up close the pointillism in her work references the interconnectedness of all things on the physical plane. The abstraction not only introduces a state of trance but also invites the viewer to explore physical perception. The wider our gaze becomes when viewing the work a clearer picture forms. Whipple reminds us to widen our gaze of compassion from being concerned primarily with the self to all beings of the world.

Emerald Rose Whipple was born in 1989 in California, USA. She lives and works in New York, NY. Whipple presented internationally, including solo shows at VOLTA NY and Galerie Jan Dhaese. Her paintings have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Another Magazine, The Last Magazine, i-D Magazine, The Know Culture, Black Book Eazel, Cultbytes and Women’s Wear Daily.


The Emerald Rose Whipple | EXHALE Print is an initiative in conjunction with the Orange Babies Foundation - a charity tackling the HIV/Aids epidemic in African nations through a holistic approach that provides mothers, children and orphans affected by the disease access to much needed medication, nutritional food, education and psychological support. This EXHALE Print initiative arose in lieu of the EXHALE Project in Zambia which has been postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Whipple will offer two stylistic representations pulled from a diptych entitled ‘Venus, Aether Sunset’ from the artists Phædo series. The original work is in a private collection, the use of the images are a courtesy of both the artist and the collector to support mothers and children who are at the most risk from the global Covid19 pandemic. The diptych will be separated into 2 prints ‘Venus’ and ‘Aether Sunset’ which will be listed at $250 unsigned and $500 signed with 100% of the revenue directed towards Orange Babies. The artist is offering 150 limited edition digital prints on mirror finish paper at 12 x 15 inches. With a purchase of the $250 unsigned print, this allows Orange Babies to provide 10 children with daily nutrition for one month. And with a purchase of one $500 signed print or two unsigned prints Orange Babies can provide a class of children with daily nutrition, education and the necessary Covid-19 protection like mouth masks and soap for two weeks. With the purchase of two signed prints at $1000 Orange Babies can provide 10 children with daily nutrition and the necessary Covid-19 protection like mouth masks and soap for 4 months.


Orange Babies is committed to an HIV and AIDS free world. Orange Babies initiates and supports projects in Namibia, Zambia and South Africa for pregnant women, children and those (in)directly affected by the HIV epidemic.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Orange Babies is now battling two epidemics instead of one. Those who are infected with HIV struggle to get access to their medication as a result of the crisis. In time, this will lead to more deaths and new HIV infections. Furthermore most people have lost their income seeing they all have piece jobs. They can no longer buy food making hunger the biggest struggle right now. Due to increasing Covid infections, most of the schools are closed, except for the exam classes. This not only affects the education of the children, but also the daily nutrition these children received in school.

Our biggest priority right now? Feeding the children in need. Orange Babies is so grateful for this wonderful collaboration, seeing the sales will help us make big difference: - With 250$ we can provide 200 children with a healthy meal; - With 500$ we can provide all 350 children at the Pakachele School in Zambia with a nutritious meal and Covid-19 protection such as masks and soap; - With 1000$ a vulnerable or orphaned child who has nowhere safe to go can stay at an Orange Babies home for a year.