Which impact does your sponsorship have?

We can advise your company about the type and form of partnership that you wish to support. To provide insights into the use of funds, we have composed this overview of gifts:

With € 5,-

A child can receive healthy meals for a week, which is crucial when taking HIV-medication.

With € 25,-

A child can go to school for a quarter of a year, and get a uniform and books.

With € 100,-

An HIV-positive mother is given access to proper medical care to make sure that her baby is born HIV-free.

With € 200,-

We provide young underprivileged children with a full year of teaching motoric skills stimulation, reading and writing, in order to provide them with a better transition into primary schooling.

With € 500,-

You can provide a microfinance for an underprivileged mother. With this money she can start her own business and take care of her family.

With € 1.500,-

An HIV test campaign can be initiated to test around 300 people and refer them to appropriate care.

With € 3.000,-

A young person can enjoy higher education, including housing, food and other costs of living for a year.

With € 5.000,-

You can support an entireclass for a year, including education, books, meals, materials and teacher allowances.

With € 6.000,-

You can support a community mother (or father), that takes care of about 25 children after school, for one year.

With € 10.000,-

About 40 (orphans and vulnerable children receive healthy meals for a year, which is crucial for those taking HIV-medication.

With € 15.000,-

You can support a youth group with peer education and counselling.

With € 30.000,-

You can support a house for about 40 orphans and vulnerable children for one year.

In the video below you can see how significant the work of Orange Babies is for youth that is on the threshold of a new adult phase. Through counselling, creativity and workshops they feel empowered to help themselves and the next generation, thus breaking the negative cycle of infection and stigmatisation.

IBAN: NL96 INGB 0000 0011 05 in th name of Stichting Orange Babies