Which collaboration is the best fit for your company?

Use your project or service for profit-sharing

A notable way of generating revenue is by profit-sharing through your own service or product. This can work with new projects - that potentially carry a trademark license - but this can work equally well with existing products or a complete assortment.

Sufficient in-store communication, but also e-commerce, can be used to pay attention to charity and to stimulate the sale of the products.

Philips for instance has developed a specific pacifier for Orange Babies with custom-made packaging and shop materials. To this day approximately 50.000 of these have been sold in several countries.

Become a partner and adopt a project

As a company you can adopt one of our projects in Namibia, Zambia or South-Africa and link your company name to the project. This is possible starting from € 30.000, on a yearly basis for a period of minimally three years. In the past we have seen that companies raise these resources in several ways. For example by mobilising staff members, clients and suppliers, or by donating a percentage of the turnover that is promoted by online and offline sales.

By adopting a project you can engage your support base. For example by stating what the effects of the contributions are: how many babies were saved, people were tested, children provided with education etc.

Visit the project on location

The most special aspect of the project sponsorship might be the possibility to visit the project with a delegation of the company.

This is experienced by many of the participants as a unique and life changing visit. During such a visit you can witness how the resources are utilised and you can subsequently inform your staff members, relations and clients about your personal impression and how the resources are utilised.

You will also be invited to plural annual events where you can meet other partners of Orange Babies. This has previously led to interesting collaborations.

Twice a year Orange Babies shares an extensive report and information that can be used in communication. Orange Babies also highlights the collaborations in their social media and relevant media outputs.

Sponsorship with products, services, knowledge and ‘tools’

As a charity -with the CBF quality label- and organisation with a small staff composition, we try to keep our overhead costs as low as possible to support the projects in Africa in the effective way.

Do you want to work with or for us?

We can offer your company an interesting brand exposure on our online channels and social media, we can provide you with content of photos and videos, for a clear understanding and direct engagement with our work in Africa.

Companies and freelancers can help us by supplying free products and services such as:

● Laptops, office design, printed matter, airplane tickets and other transport, but also online tools and applications.

● Raffle prizes and auction items varying from regular products to pieces of art and unique experiences.

● Advise and assignments in photography, video, event-production, copywriting and design.

● Consultancy concerning marketing, legal matters and finances

Get into action with staff members and relations

Sponsorship is a lot of fun and it provides a lot of satisfaction to get into action with colleagues to raise funds. You can think of sports related activities, but much more than that too. There are multiple fun ways to raise funds for Orange Babies. It is beneficial to the team spirit and it contributes to making the world a healthier place.

Orange Babies makes sure that you always receive feedback about what we have achieved.

Possible activities:

● Organise your own auction, party, drinks or Dinner of Hope (where you ask guests to make a gift to Orange Babies instead of other gifts).

● Work on your fitness; participate in an existing sports event or organise the event yourself.

● Mobilise your suppliers and your broad network to support your company and your employees.

● Provide the option to your employees to donate something to Orange Babies instead of receiving a Christmas gift and end of year bonus.

Support with a gift

Every company has its own objectives and working methods. Some entrepreneurs actively involve their employees and relations, others choose to keep it simple and prefer to work with gifts.

With a financial gift, once off or recurring, you support Orange Babies in achieving their goals.

Providing support can be done from within the grant making of your company, as MAC Cosmetics practices for example.

MAC Cosmetics has initiated a special make-up line called ‘M.A.C. AIDS FUND’ to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS worldwide. Donations come from the sales of the special Viva Glam make-up line, where the full profit is donated to foundations that work for the fight against HIV, among who Orange Babies for the Benelux.

The collaboration is communicated in an expressive way on each World AIDS-day on 1 December, both in store as via online influencers.

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