Who are we?

Orange Babies is the brainchild of Baba Sylla, a Senegalese citizen that spent his time studying and working in Europe. In 1998 he made a lengthy visit to his father and family in Senegal and during this visit he experienced something that would significantly affect him.

One day a woman who was ill and pregnant reached out to his father, who was a respected man in the region who had opened his doors to 47 family members and people in need. The pregnant woman was in search of support for herself and her unborn child because she would soon die from AIDS related complications.

After consideration Sylla chose to send the woman away. He was afraid for possible infection of the ‘scary’ disease, especially considering the children and sick people that were residing in his house.

Terug in Nederland kon hij de gebeurtenis maar niet uit zijn gedachten krijgen. Uit schuldgevoel begon Sylla zich te verdiepen in de problematiek én de oplossingen voor hiv en aids.

When he returned to the Netherlands he struggled to forget the incident. His remorse led him to invest in further research into the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. He learned that pregnant women with HIV don’t necessarily pass away nor will they definitely infect their unborn children. He realised that with the appropriate care the mother and child could have been saved. This mistake had to be rectified!

Soon after Baby Sylla (with a background in business) mobilised his close friends John Kattenberg (a renowned make-up artist) and Stef Bakker (a successful interior stylist). John and Stef subsequently mobilised their friends and so forth, their companies and their connections.

And so Orange Babies saw the light of day on 25 January 1999.